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The Stables -
          Here the keywords are the well-being of the horse and especially the respect of its will! Indeed, each horse has its own character, some like the outdoor life, others prefer the comfort of their box at dusk; some like living in a community (groups of 6 or less), while others believe that one friend is enough to deal with! So we try to meet their needs the best we can !  
 That’s why we offer several types of boarding, and we take great pride in providing an individualized diet, based on specific needs.   
 We welcome horses of all ages for a shorter or a longer period of time, for example in case of convalescence or a "sabbatical year", either for the horse or for its owner.  
 Of course, we also have 2 boxes reserved for four-legged "tourists" who wish to accompany their riders during a stay at our guest house. Indeed, the possibilities for walks / hikes / rides are extensive and worth the trip to our place, not to mention that all these activities may be interspersed with an afternoon at the swimming pool for some and in a field with plenty of grass for others! 
 For further information, please contact Natalie (0033.601.27.02.05)
MARQUEE - Exemple simple From June 15th to August 31st: Rooms are available all week (no host table on Tuesdays) --- From September 1st to June 14th: Rooms are available from Wednesday to Sunday (departure is possible on Monday morning)